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Strategy First, Video Second

Usually what happens is someone thinks “Oh yes, I need a video. Somebody make me a video!” But we at Um Um Studio are all like, “Wait a minute, slow your roll friend. Do you even know why you’re trying to make a video, or who it’s for, or where it should live?”

That’s why we start each working relationship with a sit-down (hopefully in-person) strategy session, where we go over your business goals, chat about where your audience exists online, and then finally, about how video can be used to meet those needs.

Depending on your video-creating comfort level, we will either assist you in crafting content that’s specifically made to exist on the social platforms that are most relevant to your business, OR we’ll teach you how to do it yourself.

And if video editing isn’t your thing, we’ve got that covered too. We’ll work on a continual basis to help ensure that you’re able to upload consistently, and with purpose. We strive to have relationships with clients that are sustainable, ongoing partnerships.

So yeah, we DO think you need a video, but let us show you what to do with it.

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